Articles and Sermons

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Worship and Liturgy

Liturgical Principles

Singing in the Corporate Worship of the Church

Experiencing Psalm 32 in its Liturgical Context

A few notes on Music[al Instruments] in Worship

Laying on of Hands at the Ordination of Elders

What about the Lord’s Supper?

Should we maintain the Common Cup?

The use of the word ‘Amen’

Experiencing the Day of Rest in the First Century

Should we worship and rest on Saturday or Sunday?

Worshipping twice on the Lord’s Day

Ecclesiastical Feast Days

“Let women be silent in church”

Prayer posture

The Pentateuch (Gen. to Deut.) and God’s Law

The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil

The Use of God’s Law

Did Moses write the Pentateuch?

A Short Chronology of Events in the Wilderness

The Jealous Husband: Num. 5:11-31

The Laws for Uncleanness in the Pentateuch and NT Baptism

The Old Testament Feasts


Tithe Law Interpretations

Sex before marriage

Reformed Church Polity and Discipline

The Emergence of Separate French and Dutch Reformed Federations

Church Boundaries: Keeping Christ whole!

Deacons and Consistory

Article 31 of the Church Order

Casper Janszoon Coolhaes (1536 – 1615)

The Sinews of the Church: Biblical Principles concerning Church Discipline

Reformed Church Polity concerning Withdrawal of Church Membership

Creeds and Confessions

Musings on the Heidelberg Catechism

The Textual History of art. 36 Belgic Confession

The Doctrine of the Church

Christ’s Church and our Calling

“Of the Church”: An Historical Overview of Westminster Confession ch. 25

A Muddled Model of Church Membership

New Testament

A Sketch of the Ministry of Jesus

Meditation: Jesus curses a Fig-Tree?

Acts 2 – Peter’s Pentecost appeal

The Oracles of God

Fathers of the Early Church on the Special Gifts of the Spirit

Pharisees, Judaisers and Paul

An Argumentation Analysis of Gal. 3

Paul’s use of “Allegory” in Gal. 4:21 – 5:1: A Method of Interpretation?

Meditation on Eph. 3:14-19

Aspects of the NT Sabbath: Ps. 95 as exegeted in Hebr. 3 and 4

God’s Word and Women in Office

Various Other Articles

The Old Covenant vs the New Testament



Interpreting the Bible in its Context

Covering sins

Meditation on Jonah

The History of the Crucifixion


Lord’s Day 10

Lord’s Day 31

Lord’s Day 44