One of my great loves is baroque music, particularly music from the seventeenth century. Going along with this is my love of the purity of meantone tuning. One of my pipe organs is tuned in 1/4 syntonic comma meantone temperament. See the entry under “Church organ”.

The Genevan Consort is a group of amateur musicians dedicated to performing early music (16th to 18th centuries) under my direction. See their website at

My first instrument when studying music at university was originally the double bass. A few years ago I came back to this instrument in the form of a 6 string G-violone (an early form of double bass).

Church Organ

Chamber Organ

French Harpsichord

Italian Harpsichord

Italian Virginal

Pohlman Table Piano

G – Violone

Baroque Horns

Natural Trumpet

Meantone Tuning, Church Modes and Genevan Tunes

Het historisch gebruik van de Middentoon stemming op het orgel