Church Organ


Church Organ

Built on historical principles by K.B. Blank & Zn (Herwijnen), the organ was reconditioned and put in 1/4 comma syntonic meantone tuning by H. van Eeken (Herwijnen) in 2006 at which time the Dulciaan/Trompet was newly intoned with hand-filed tongues and the resonators lengthened to 17th century North German standards. In 2012 the Fagot received the same renovation. Inner pipes are hammered organ-metal, stopped pipes are soldered shut, front pipes have gilded labials, center-front decorated pipe is wholly gilded. It is tuned at a’ = 463.4 Hertz (North German organ pitch).

This organ is housed in the Free Reformed Church of Rockingham, where the plenum produces 90 decibels of sound at the opposite end of the hall. Click below to hear a short sample (Buxtehude).

Here are a few excerpts from 3 variations of Antoni Van Noordt on Psalm 24.

Manual (C-f3)

Prestant 4’ b/d

Gedekt 8’ b/d

Roerfluit 4’

Octaaf 2’

Mixtuur 2-3 ranks

Dulciaan 8’ bass

Trompet 8’ descant

Pedal (C-d1)

Fagot 8’

Pedal coupler